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Dillon RL550C with Accessories For Sale

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Dillon RL550 C (latest model) Equipped as follows:


Dillon RL550C: (Dillon price: $665.)

Brand New Dillon Powder Measure

Caliber Conversions: (Dillon price: $75. Each = $225.)


         .45 Colt

         .44-40 WCF

Tool Heads (6) 2 drilled and set up for Dillon powder check system (Dillon price $34. each = $204.)

Large & Small Priming Slides

2 Large Primer Pickup Tubes, 2 Small Primer Pickup Tubes (Dillon price:  $11. Each = $22.00)

Low Primer Alarm

Powder Die

Bullet Tray with Bracket for strong mount (Dillon price: $69.)

Loaded Cartridge Bin Bracket (Dillon price: $ 38.)

Set of Allen Wrenches

Owners Manual

Machine Cover (Dillon price: $25.)

Dual Machine Lighting System (center and frame, non-Dillon)

Shell Plate Bearing System (non-Dillon)

Primer Track Bearing System (non-Dillon)


Total Cost New From Dillon: $1,248.00 + Tax

Sale Price $650.00

 Note: This Package Does Not Include dies, roller handle or strong mount


Turquoise Bill 928-925-7323

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Turquoise Bill
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Dillon RL 550 Sold!

Posted : 19/03/2024 8:54 pm

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