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Membership Benefits

Membership in ACSA entitles you to the following benefits…

  • Reduced Range Fees –  Members receive discounted range fees for our monthly matches.
  • Shootin‘ for the Silver – Members have an opportunity to compete within their shooting category to earn awards.
    • Shootin’ for the Silver Rules
      • You must be a member for your 1st shoot to qualify
      • You must declare your SFTS category at that first shoot.
      • You must shoot 6 Matches in your SFTS category.
      • You must beat the shooters in your category and they must be members .
      • The category must have at least two shooters.
        • They don’t necessarily have to shoot 6 matches.
    • You can not win the Silver Buckle in the same category two years in a row.
      • You can still shoot in that category and win a buckle but not the Silver.
    • Always check with an ACSA board member for the latest details of the current “Shootin’ for the Silver” award program.
  • Poker Chips – At each match, those shooters that place first, second, third in their category or shoot a clean match are awarded a Poker Chip corresponding to their achievement and worth $$ towards future match entry fees.
    • A Yellow First Place Chip is worth $3,
    • a Red Second Place Chip is worth $2,
    • a White Third Place Chip is worth $1 and
    • a Blue Clean Match Chip is worth $3.
    • These chips have no value otherwise, and may only be used for offsetting match entry fees.

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