Membership Benefits


When you sign up to be a member of ACSA, not only do you have the benefit of being a part of a wonderful group of people. You are also entitled to receive the following:

  1. Discount of $5 on Entry to Monthly Matches.
  2. Discount of $5 for Shot.
  3. For Clean Matches – Poker Chip – Represents a $3 Credit that can be applied towards your next monthly match entry.
  4. First Priority Entry for any large matches hosted by ACSA.
  5. Entry into Special Raffle Drawings.

Ways our Members can contribute and give back to their club:

  1. Volunteer to be a Board Member when positions open.
  2. Assist in the set up and tear down of targets before and/or after our matches.
  3. Participate in work parties.
  4. Volunteer to work behind the scenes where needed for big matches hosted by our club.
  5. Think of other ways to contribute; reach out to any Board Member.

We welcome our members to give back in any way they can. We welcome ideas and creativity that could contribute to the growth and success of our club. 

It is a TEAM effort and our members are a part of the TEAM!

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