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The intent of this Territorial Governor’s page is to keep our fellow cowboys and cowgirls informed on SASS rule updates communicated to the TGs.

SASS Shooter’s Handbook: The Shooter’s Handbook is a compilation of the SASS rules we, as a SASS sanctioned club, are to follow. Be sure to review this handbook frequently to stay current with the rules. Please ask any questions, if you need clarification. SASS Shooter Handbooks (

Rule Clarifications: Over the years, clarifications have been discussed in TG meetings at the World and National Championships TG meetings. Those clarifications have been posted on the following website: RO Corner Index (

Recent Territorial Governor’s Meeting Notes

END of TRAIL 2022 (March 3, 2022) Topics discussed in this meeting are as follows.

  1. New Black Powder SASS Standard
  2. Legalizing the 93/97
  3. Shooting Gunfighter style in Age based categories
  4. Making .22 caliber an “official” category
  5. Proposal to remove the verbiage “to avoid a penalty” from the de-cocking verbiage in the Shooters Handbook
  6. SHB/Pocket RO Card corrections
  7. OPEN DISCUSSION/TG Questions: Who is the “new” Wild are and who owns SASS Website Update Clarifications Archive

Be sure to read the details: TG Meeting Notes from EOT 2022

TG VOTE by 1/30/2023

There were two items presented and discussed among the Territorial Governors in 2022. The Rules Committee (ROC) has asked for a vote on these items from the general membership through their clubs TG’s no later than January 30th. As your TG, Frank Stilwell will cast that vote for ACSA. Frank will be taking a vote at the ACSA Jan 14th match. If you will not be at this match and want your vote counted, please contact Frank Stillwell via these methods:
Frank Stilwell    (602) 686-1797

ITEM #1 – Allowing competitors to shoot Gunfighter style in the Junior Category.

OPTION 1: (VOTE NO) No change. Under current Gunfighter category rules, Gunfighter is an open category. (No age restrictions). A Junior could shoot in the Gunfighter category.

SHB p. 10: Above the “Base Categories” listed in this handbook, the local club monthly match and club annual match level, all SASS recognized shooting categories may be offered by subdividing by all factors, including age, gender, shooting style, and propellant.

*Shooting categories offered at any match are ultimately at the discretion of the Match Officials to ensure the success and viability of each match individually.

 OPTION 2: (VOTE YES) Allow Gunfighter-style in the Junior category as follows:

SHB p.5:


Age based categories are offered to allow all participants to compete amongst their peers. Age based categories carry the following guidelines:

– May use any main match revolver.

– Revolvers may be shot in any SASS legal shooting style – EXCEPT Gunfighter.

* Junior category shooters may shoot Gunfighter-style under close supervision.

NOTE: This does NOT add additional categories. (ie: Junior Gunfighter) – this simply allows Juniors to shoot gunfighter style IN the Junior category.

ITEM #2 – Revised BP Standard


A majority “NO” vote would result in NO CHANGE. A majority “YES” vote on this item will result in the Shooters Handbook being edited to read as follows:

SHB p. 25

Power Factor / Blackpowder Smoke – Testing

… Testing of blackpowder rounds for the production of adequate smoke will also be conducted in a similar manner as described above. Rounds should be obtained from the shooter’s loaded firearms while at the loading table. The rounds should be fired in comparison to test rounds made using the following load data:

  • .38 Special with 125 gr to 158 gr bullet weights and 1 cc of any common BP substitute.

Notes/Additional information on Item #2:

Real Blackpowder is not included in the test loads. Considering the rarity of BP challenges over the years, this fulfills the intent of revising the standard rounds to be used for any such testing using more readily available components.

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