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Blackout at Bloody Basin


Road Runner Dust-up

(February 16-18, 2024)
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(updated 02/05/2024)

Food Truck on Sunday Only

Our goal is to provide an EOT-like experience for every shooter!

Blackout at Bloody Basin is the Arizona SASS State Black Powder match. The Road Runner Dust-up match is for the smokeless shooters. This is a combined 12-stage match with 6 stages on each day (Feb 17th and 18th). Warm-up match is on Feb. 16th. This is a great opportunity to warm-up for the upcoming End of Trail (EOT) match, as the ACSA range is held at the same location as EOT (Ben Avery Shooting Facility).

To speed up your check-in, please complete the liability waiver and send it in with your application and payment. If you are coming from outside the U.S., please submit the application and waiver and pay at check in.

Submit both the Application and the Waiver.

NOTE: Maximum shooter count is 136. We will consider BP shooter applications first (by Oct. 15) ahead of smokeless shooters (so submit your apps soon). Family members shooting smokeless will be possed with BP shooter.

LUNCH: Sunday lunch for all shooters is included in match fee. We will shoot through and then serve lunch. Lunch tickets for non-shooting guests may be purchased for $12.00.

POSSE REQUESTS: A posse may have a mix of Blackout BP shooters and smokeless to accommodate posse requests.

STAGING: The permanent bays (Saloon, Fort, Coosie’s) and open bays will be used, much like the set up for EOT. Use of vertical staging, target placement, falling targets for pistol and/or rifle, and shooting sequences will be similar as well.

OUT OF STATE BP SHOOTERS: Out of state BP shooters are welcome to shoot the Blackout and may place first in category, but the AZ state champion winner must be from Arizona.

CATEGORIES: No minimum count for BP categories will be applied. Smokeless minimum will be 3 for ladies and 5 for open, except for protected categories (as listed in the SHB). No Category Changes after 12/31/2023.

REFUNDS/CANCELLATIONS: Full Refunds will be given for cancellations before 12/31/2023. There will be a $20 fee for cancellations after 12/31/2023.

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F.LLI Pietta

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Mernickle Holsters

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Klassic Laser Works




Stage 1:  ACSA Board
Stage 2: Deadeye Al
Stage 3: Reverend Leadslinga
Stage 4: Rattlesnake Slim
Stage 5: Sarival Slim
Stage 6: The Doily Gang
Stage 7:  Cinco Pendejos
Stage 8:  Windy City Red & Sassy Dancer
Stage 9:  Shotgun Boogie
Stage 10: Innocent Until Proven
Stage 11:  Darlin Darla & Leadfinger
Stage 12: Sanokee Sage & Kan-Do Kate

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