Shootin' for the Silver (STFS)

Shootin’ For The Silver

(ON HOLD since Jan. 2022)

  1. There is no formal registration or declaration of the category in which you wish to compete for SFTS. Your category you put on each match registration form is the category recorded.
  2. To be eligible for SFTS, you need to be a member at the time of the matches to count towards the competition.
  3. You are also required to shoot the minimum number of matches in the same calendar year. For the year 2021, ACSA will be holding 12 matches. Therefore, a minimum of 7 matches towards qualifying in a category is required.
  4. In order for a category to qualify for SFTS, a men’s category must have 3 competitors and a lady’s category must have 2 competitors, who have each shot the minimum number of matches in that category for the year.

At the end of the year, the top award will be given to the top shooter in each of the eligible categories. If the category has more than 10 competitors, the awards will be 5 deep. In categories with less than 10 competitors, the awards will be up to 3 deep. You may find the SFTS results for each year by selecting the Match Results link in the top menu.

For any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to any Board Member. GOOD LUCK!

A downloadable version of the rules may be found HERE.

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