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ACSA annual membership fees are: $40 for individuals and $55 for families (i.e. a main member and spouse) effective January 1st of any given year.  Additional family members living in the same household are an additional $10 each. Lifetime memberships are $200.00 for an individual. This amount may be paid in one lump sum, or installments of not less than $25.00 (paid at least quarterly). Lifetime membership may be extended to additional family participants upon the payment of an additional $100.00 each.

There is a six month membership for those of you who don’t spend the entire year here in the valley. This membership runs the six months from October through March of the following year. The six month fees are $25 for individuals and $32 for families as described above.

Click here for the ACSA Membership Application Complete the form and bring to the next match or Mail with a check made out to ACSA to the address shown on the form.

Membership Benefits

Membership in ACSA entitles you to the following benefits…

  • Reduced Range Fees –  Members receive discounted range fees for our monthly matches.
  • Shootin‘ for the Silver – Members have an opportunity to compete within their shooting category to earn awards.
    • Shootin’ for the Silver Rules
      • You must be a paid/active member for your 1st shoot to qualify
      • Your category must be declared at that first shoot.
      • You must shoot 6 of the 12 monthly matches in your category.
      • Your chosen category must have two (2) members for the results to qualify.
      • You can not win the Silver Buckle in the same category two years in a row. But you can still shoot in that category and win a buckle, but not the Silver Buckle.
      • In case of ties, the December match will have a mirror shoot-off stage.
        • Both shooters must be in attendance at the December match for the shoot-off. If only one of the tied shooters attends the December match, the winner will be the one with the lowest cumulative time for those shooters at qualified matches.

NOTE 1 – I left off the part about matches called due to weather because I don’t think we discussed this enough. As written – Matches called due to weather require 3 stages for the match to qualify – the problem with this is that not everyone will have shot the same 3 stages. And that will lead to the inevitable whining and name calling.  I’d suggest that if the match is called because of weather, it will be dropped from the 12 and the number of qualifying matches be dropped from 6 to 5.

NOTE 2 – What does this mean – All Around Cowboy and Shootist categories are exempt from win restrictions. There needs to be some serious clarification on this one.

Casino Chip Awards

Casino Chips will be given to the top three winners in each category at each match and to each clean shooter. The value of the chips is as follows:

1st Place, Yellow, $3
2nd Place, Red, $2
3rd Place, White, $1
Clean Match, Blue, $3

Chips may be used to offset the cost of your Match Fees in the amounts indicated above and have no cash value.

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