Friday Practice Sessions


New to ACSA! The Ben Avery Fee increases included a minimum charge for the use of the Bays. To offset some of that charge on Setup Days, we are starting a Friday Practice Session. The cost is $10 and you can make up your own scenarios. The initial guidelines are as follows and may change after some experience with the sessions.

ACSA Friday Practice Guidelines

        • Dress is Cowboy Casual
        • Bring your own timer, water and writing implement
        • Registration will start once set up is complete. Range will close at Noon.
        • Fill out Practice Registration. Cost is $10 member or non-member. Take shooter’s card with you (This is your ticket to shoot)
        • Shoot each designated practice stage once. Repeats allowed but shooters that have not shot have priority.
        • SASS match safety rules apply. Use loading and unloading tables, muzzles up, etc.
        • Use your own scenarios.
        • DO NOT move targets or props.

If Practice Sessions work out and there are enough participants who enjoy it, we’ll continue this as a regular feature of the ACSA Monthly Matches.

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