Blackout at Bloody Basin and ACSA Warm Up for EOT 
Who’s Coming List

Watch the movie, Rango, before the February ACSA match, as this will be the theme.

This is a 12-stage match with 6 stages on each day (Feb 12 and 13) held at the Ben Avery Range.

Please complete liability waiver and send with your application and payment to speed your check in. If you are coming from outside the U.S: Please submit application and waiver and you may pay at check in.

Submit both of these forms:      ACSA Warm-Up and BP Application         Liability Waiver

1-Day ONLY – Submit both of these forms:      ACSA 1-Day Warm-Up Application         Liability Waiver

    • 1-Day shooters will be placed on a waiting list to allow 2-Day shooters priority.
    • Date for 1-day shooters to be moved to match: 1/8/2022. You will be notified via email.

LUNCH: Lunch for all shooters is included in match fee both days. We will shoot through and then serve lunch. Lunch tickets for non-shooting guests may be purchased for $10.00 each day.

POSSE REQUESTS: A posse may have a mix of Warm Up shooters and Blackout shooters to accommodate posse requests.

STAGING: The permanent bays (Saloon, Fort, Coosie’s) and open bays will be used, much like the set up for EOT. Use of vertical staging, target placement, falling targets for pistol and/or rifle, and shooting sequences will be similar as well.

OUT OF STATE SHOOTERS: Out of state BP shooters are welcome to shoot the Blackout and may place first in category, but the AZ state champion winner must be from AZ.

Our goal is to provide an EOT-like experience for every shooter!

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