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Ballot Voting

In addition to permitting members to call for a ballot vote, the ACSA Board may use discretion in initiating a ballot vote on any issues deemed of significant importance to the entire membership.

Issues will be discussed at General Meetings, documenting the pros and cons raised by attending members. The pros and cons will be published to the membership through the monthly newsletter, using the ballot provided to decide the issue.

The outcome of the vote will be announced at the General Meetings, using 30-90 day time tables, as conditions dictate to allow sufficient time for the greatest number of members to respond. Issues will be carried by a simple majority vote.

Exception– Changes to ACSA By-laws shall require previous notice and a 2/3 majority of votes cast by members in good standing as described by Robert’s Rules of Order.

Executive Board Members

  • Must pay yearly dues.
  • Board members and their helping/volunteering spouses do not pay any match fees.
  • Board members and their spouses do not pay for dinners (ATR, Year-End Party, etc.).

Territorial Governor

Each January, the current President will appoint a Territorial Governor to represent ACSA to SASS. The membership will be asked to approve the appointment by majority vote at a General meeting. SASS rules for this position and term of office will apply. The Territorial Governor is a liaison role and is not a voting ACSA Board position.

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