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I would like to suggest another option for single shooters in a category.

I would like to have it considered that if there is a single individual shooting for the silver in a category at the end of the March match, that for the April match that member be offered an option to switch categories for the balance of the year.

This would eliminate the hassle of a loyal ACSA member shooting year-round and winding up with a top-five buckle for their effort due to lack of  competition.

Opinions please.

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Posted : 03/03/2020 2:12 pm
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As I stated in another SFTS forum, I think we should collapse all the senior and silver seniors into the lowest category to create more competition. 

This works for age based and shooting style categories. It could create a race for the buckle among as many at 10 members.

This will make the silver buckle much more valuable than if you only had 1 other competitor. And make the top 5 buckle more than just a participation trophy.

Posted : 05/03/2020 12:02 pm
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Like Kenny Reds said on a different thread, eliminate the "Whatever you shoot in March you are stuck with for the rest of the year".  Be a member and shoot 6 matches in one category that has another or other shooters in that category.  Only matches shot when and after you pay your membership dues will count.  Doesn't matter what months you shoot the 6 matches.  Could it possibly be more simple!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted : 10/03/2020 6:36 pm

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